Pronunciation: \'bäz-nē-ə-"nä-sə-tē\
Function: noun
state of being, achieved by possessing Bosnian heritage or displaying extreme appreciation for Bosnian culture
«He assures me his partner in this venture, Jason Adams, also possesses an intense Bosnianocity.»
- William H. Macy
Bosnian ferocity

- Merriam-Webster Dictionary      

As Faruk P awoke one morning from uneasy dreams he found himself transformed in his bed into a pretentious graduate student. Reflecting upon his relatively short but eventful life, he realized that his admittedly average yet decidedly creative mind had been greatly stifled, or perhaps slowly lulled into a state of comfortable complacency, by years of discussing works that others had created, with the sole purpose of perpetuating endless discussion about them and never reaching a satisfactory conclusion about any of the matters that describe the state of the human condition supposedly contained therein.

In a desperate effort to catalogue some of his achievements as a human being, P arrived at the conclusion that the vainglorious minds of all self-proclaimed artists must inevitably reach, namely that compiling a merely private catalogue of personal achievements would leave the rest of the world bereft of them, for which reason P set out to construct a public structure where those who sought it would be granted access to his creations.

For, surely there were those who sought it...