Thanks to I was able to find some Photoshop tutorials to make the site looks better. It is also a great resource for pre-fabricated web site layouts with different themes. If you're not very good at designing this sort of stuff, you might be interested in what they have to offer.

  The title of this page was created using the service provided at If you need to make a logo quickly, this site should be a great resource. Over time, however, the choices for the designs turn out to be limited, but it's still good for the occasional use.

  YTMND stands for You're the Man Now, Dog and it is a site inspired by the original page involving Sean Connery. The creator of the original domain wanted to give people who don't own their own domain a chance to do the same thing he has done, and thus YTMND was created. Some of the funniest and coolest stuff I've seen on the Internets was created on this site (e.g. Where is Padme? and United States of Kimble), but also some of the most vile and disgusting things. If you look at the highly ranked stuff and the most viewed sites you should be fine :)

  Andy Helms is now probably best known for the comic 'Bombos Versus Everything' that won the grand prize in the Rising Stars of Manga 4 competition. His main claim to fame before that was a hilarious parody of Dragonball Z called 'Buttlord GT', which he wrote and drew together with one of his friends and published online. is his website and is really worth checking out, even if many of the comics he started never got finished (like OMFE and Badge Police). They are still unbelievably funny.