The Cutter

Story: 1/5
Visuals: 2/5
Chuckís utter disregard for human life: 999/999
Overall: 4.5/5

First of all, there is no reason why this movie should have been made. We really donít need yet another film telling us that "Nazis are bad, mm-kay?" I mean, at this point it doesnít even seem to matter what the Nazis are up to when you put them in your script: the point seems to be that theyíre Nazis and they need to be eliminated. Thatís where Chuck Norris comes in. Personally, I donít think he even needs any justification to kick ass Ė as long as some guy is coming at him and looks threatening, heís gonna get his ass kicked. Be it Nazis, Russian mafia, innocent civilians in the streets - Chuckís fists of fury are indiscriminate.

Jason has already pointed out the main aspects that make this movie a very fun experience, especially while drinking. I just wanted to point out a few other things that stood out to me. The German spoken in The Cutter is actually really good. Somebody with no experience might not be able to tell, but the Nazis in this film are far superior to those of Raiders of the Lost Ark in terms of language ability. Kudos to the casting director for finding German actors who didnít mind overcoming 60 years of shame to play Nazis in this exceptional motion picture. Also, see that chick on the cover? Yeah, her total screen time in the movie is somewhere between five and ten minutes. But sheís got a nice rack. Apparently a good enough reason to be pictured right there next to Mr. Norris.

And who could forget our favorite part of The Cutter: Russian guy getting thrown out of a window after half-heartedly trying to elbow Chuck in the face. Well, itís not so much the fact that he gets thrown out the window as the scream that the crafty SFX team came up with, which sounded something like this sound clip from Star Craft.

So there you go. Yes, the story is almost non-existent and its only purpose is to provide opportunities for action sequences. Yes, the dialogue is horrendous and makes you wonder why the actors even attempt to communicate with each at all other when grunting would suffice. But man, did I have fun watching it in all its C-movie glory!