Star Trek: Nemesis (Special Edition)

Story: ?/5
Visuals: ?/5
# of Patrick Stewarts out of # of Patrick Stewarts desired: 1/1
Overall: 4/5

All right, all right: so I have to admit that I didnít really watch this movie per se... I kind of jumped in and out of the room as Jason was watching it because I had work to take care of, but knowing that Patrick Stewart, a god amongst men, is not yet sick of his role as Captain Jean-Luc Picard was reason enough to give this movie the high rating. Mind you, Iím not a Trekkie by far Ė I wouldnít be able to go spouting off facts about any of the ships, or recount Commander Rikerís biography Ė but my obsession with Mr. Stewart is only rivaled by that with Peter Falk. I mean, come on! Itís Patrick Stewart!

I did catch a few parts of the movie, however, where Picard was fighting some Romulans and still kicking ass, and then he got into this Romulan fighter, at which point the battle might as well have just ended right there, but Romulans are pretty stupid. In fact, Shinzon, the Praetor of the Romulans, is the only reason I gave this movie a 4/5. Heís got to be one of the worst villains in the history of moving pictures. But even he wasnít enough to spoil the Picard-spectacular.